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Applied Informatics

Profession: IT Analyst   

The digital transformation is one of the core activities in any professional area, including changes in business structures, public sectors, business development strategies, sales systems and business processes in general. Fundamentally new technologies, industries, products and services are created on the basis of the information and communications technologies. Companies implementing digital technologies become leaders of their industries.

IT analysts are one of the most demanded specialists all over the world. IT analysts have competencies in the field of creating new business models (platforms, eco-systems, networks), data science, use the customer-oriented approach, have excellent communication skills, follow digital technology trends, and are also able to significantly contribute to the process of transformation of the economy. Over the past two years, the need for digital transformation specialists has more than tripled.

To become an IT analyst, you need to acquire knowledge and skills in both the IT and economics. These knowledge and experience will help you to get a demanded and interesting profession.

   Areas of competence 

  • Creation of new business models based on the use of digital technologies;
  • Identification of customer requirements for the information system, presentation of a solution and agreement with the customer;
  • Development of platform solution architecture;
  • Designing economic information systems according to the type of support.
  • Visualization of economic and management information and the use of BI systems;
  • Enterprise data model management;
  • Project management in the IT field;
  • Organization and management of the creation, implementation, co-maintenance and modification of information systems in applied areas.
   Professional positions

  • Support specialist
  • Analyst/leading analyst
  • System analyst
  • IT project manager, team leader
  • Production director at an IT company
  • Director of digital business transformation